Krool Store Newcastle

After two beautiful years, Krool Store 1 will close its doors permanently after September 2nd 2023. But, the Story continues at Krool Store 2

How it started

Krool was conceived in 2018 with a goal to create a fashion-forward jewellery brand that encompassed Newcastle’s Steel City edge. What started as a side-project from a home studio in Newcastle East has evolved into a truly unique Australian jewellery and clothing brand with fully Custom Jewellery Design services.


Visit The Krool Newcastle Jewellery Store

Krool’s mix of modern and classical styles is inspired by various elements rarely explored in jewellery design. Krool offers timeless handmade jewellery created with the finest quality metals, diamonds and stones. Whether you’re looking for an easy to wear everyday piece or a custom-created wedding or engagement ring, we would love to work with you to start your collection of Krool Jewels.

Located in Newcastle on Hunter Street our city studio space has recently opened for consultations and art events adding to the growing art culture in the Newcastle City area.

Hand made jewellery, attire and accessories are available along with limited edition pieces. Visit us in our Newcastle store for a custom jewellery consultation, or for any engagement or wedding ring enquires. Alternatively, you can contact us via the contact page.

Custom Engaement Rings & Fine Jewellery

Designed and handmade in our Newcastle Store our jewellery is created with a combination of modern technology and traditional jewellery techniques. With over 6 years of qualified manufacturing jeweller experience, each piece is finished carefully by hand, and every design is carefully crafted to the clients needs and style. We value making our pieces by hand in our Newcastle jewellery store despite the higher manufacturing costs. We want to produce the best quality jewellery possible. All of our stones are sustainably sourced, and we use lab-grown diamonds to ensure premium quality and are ethically sourced.

Other Jeweller Services

If you’re after a piece that’s a little bit different or wants to tell a story you should consider custom made bespoke jewellery. When you visit us in our Newcastle studio or via Zoom to discuss your design you’ll feel so connected to the piece because you’ve been a part of its creation. All of our jewellery is made to the utmost quality.

Ring Resizing

If you get your ring and it doesn’t fit don’t worry! We offer a complimentary ring resizing with all ring orders, so it doesn’t need to ruin the moment if it doesn’t fit perfectly. It’s the moment that counts not the ring, and once you’ve had it perfectly re-sized it’ll be a perfect fit.

Re-making Old Gold Rings & Jewellery

If you have some gold pieces in your collection that you’d like to be recycled and turned into a new piece. We then take the gold ring or piece of jewellery and work with you to come up with a new design. From here we’ll re-cast the piece in our Newcastle jewellery store. Get in touch for a consultation.