"The Handamde Renaissance"

I want to make meaningful stuff. I loved art growing up and became very
inspired by the depth of fine art especisally in the renaissance period, i
wanted to take the same dedication to detail and technical process and apply it
to a modern theme or idea. As i got older i became consumed by the abstract
world of art, and the act of using form shape and colour to create an emotion
or feeling. These two creative processes have met at a junction where i feel i
am now, using form and function to create a product. This element of design has
helped me create products that feel abstract but still have a familiar purpose.

Ive been making jewellery since i was 18 in 2016 when i started my
apprenticeship, 4 years working under a high end manufacturing jeweller and now
5 years (as of April 2024) working on my own brand identity and forming my own
technical and visual style. Ive learned alot in my jewellery journey and the
skills have really helped me experiment with some ideas im proud of.

I’m grateful to have all the resources available to be able to play such a
significant role in the manufacturing of my products and I think having that
control has allowed the quality of the product to be at a very high standard.
And now with a small team to help make the pieces i feel very proud of our in
house manufacturing process and the speed we can deliver a product whilst
mainting its quality.

I love designing and i love making jewellery, im so grateful everyday i get
to make and design pieces under my own name in my own space and i will always
love and appreciate anyone who supports that so thankyou to anyone who has
helped me get to here.

-From Angus


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Handmade Renaissance

Krool broadcasts its themes through jewellery, clothes, graphics and videos. Working with other creatives on projects has helped to make content that encapsulates our ideas. Krool is a brand that wants to promote the importance of creativity and taking your perspective on something and turning it into an idea, and using that idea to make something that people can absorb, analyse and appreciate.